Baldur's Gate 3: Should You Break Wyll's Contract? (2024)

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Completing a companion's personal questline in Baldur's Gate 3 can take nearly an entire playthrough. Wyll is a prime example of this, featuring small narrative threads in the first two Acts that culminate in a major decision in Act 3.


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Once players find themselves at the edges of Baldur's Gate, Wyll will be given the opportunity to break his pact with Mizora forever, but this comes with a sacrifice that some consider too great. This guide will cover how to initiate this scene for Wyll, the pros and cons of each decision, and explain how to get the best possible outcome for Wyll and the people of Baldur's Gate.

How To Break Wyll's Contract

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An opportunity to break Wyll's contract with Mizora will appear during the first few hours of Act 3. Three conditions must be met for this scene to appear:

  1. You must speak to Gortash during his Archduke ceremony in Wyrm's Crossing.
  2. After the ceremony, speak to Duke Ravengard with Wyll in your party.
    • Wyll will comment that something's not right with his father. Speak to him back at camp.
  3. Enter the lower city of Baldur's Gate.

Once all three conditions are met, Mizora will visit your camp during your next long rest. Be sure that you camp within Baldur's Gate to get this scene to trigger.

Mizora will reveal that the real Duke Ravengard is being held captive somewhere the party will never find. She offers assistance in exchange for eternal ownership of Wyll's soul, regardless of what you might have told Mizora after freeing her in Act 2. Sign the contract, and Duke Ravengard's location is revealed to the party, allowing them to plot a rescue. Break Wyll's contract with Mizora and Duke Ravengard will die by enemy hands. At least, that's what she tells you. The actual consequences of your decision can be avoided with some planning.

Strangely, Wyll has no say in the outcome of this decision. There is no option to let Wyll decide for himself, and no dice checks are required for either option.

Option 1: Signing The Contract

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If Wyll signs this new pact with Mizora, she will reveal Duke Ravengard's location (revealed in the "Should You Break Wyll's Contract" section to minimize spoilers). The only way to reach the Duke's location will now be marked on your map. Most party members will agree with this decision, even Wyll despite his relationship with Mizora.

There are no gameplay ramifications to this outcome, although this is a less than ideal outcome for Wyll. His combat prowess remains the same, and no additional rewards are offered to your party for accepting Mizora's offer.


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Option 2: Breaking The Contract

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Breaking Mizora's contract will free Wyll from his pact, although this doesn't actually occur until the very end of the game. Mizora will state that Ulder's life is now forfeit, but Wyll is now a free man. This is a bluff; the duke does not die upon choosing this option. It is still possible to find Duke Ravengard after breaking the contract, although finding their location might prove difficult. Party members will be mixed about this decision, either praising Wyll for standing up to Mizora or conflicted about losing Ulder Ravengard.

Choosing this option does affect the side quest that directly ties to Duke Ravengard's location, but Wyll himself does not lose his powers. You will still be able to use Wyll as a Warlock for the remainder of your playthrough.

Should You Break Wyll's Contract?

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Yes, breaking Wyll's contract is ideal for every playthrough. It is possible to break Mizora's pact and rescue Duke Ravengard in the same playthrough, although the quest tied to saving the duke will be slightly altered if you broke Wyll's pact. If you want to know exactly how to save the duke, read the expandable section below. For a more general hint, explore the docks of Baldur's Gate. A spellcaster is also highly recommended.

This section reveals Duke Ravengard's location and how to complete this portion of Wyll's personal quest.

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Duke Ravengard is being held captive in the Iron Throne, a submerged prison that can only be accessed through a submarine. Visit the warehouse east of the Baldur's Gate docks (X: -161, Y: -141) and use the basem*nt hatch in the corner of the building. This will lead you to a hidden dock that houses a submarine. Persuade or kill the owner of the vehicle, then use it to visit the Iron Throne. Bear in mind that entering the Iron Throne will negatively impact your relationship with Gortash.

Entering the underwater prison will begin a timed mission. You have five turns to rescue as many people as possible before the prison explodes. For the purposes of Wyll's quest, you just need to save his father. You'll find the duke on the eastern wing of the prison. Clear a path to his cell, open it with a nearby lever, then heal him. Do not allow the duke to leave his cell just yet. Try to get a few of your party members near him before he leaves.

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The moment Ulder leaves his jail cell, Mizora will appear and attempt to murder him. Six explosive spiders will spawn beside the duke. You can either use a spell like Dimension Door to teleport the duke out of harm's way, or you can use your party members to kill the spiders before they can act. Either way, you'll need to escort Ulder to the submarine without him dying. A mixture of healing and spider-slaying should do the trick.

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After saving the duke, speak with him back at your camp to progress Wyll's personal quest. Mizora will also have unique dialogue for you the next time you speak with her, although this dialogue is non-essential. Wyll will no longer be a pawn of Mizora, the duke is safe, and the next stage of his personal quest will be revealed. It's the best ending to this quest and has no long-term consequences to speak of.


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Baldur's Gate 3: Should You Break Wyll's Contract? (2024)
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