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Wyll is a mysterious man with more mysterious connections. This walkthrough will guide you through every step of his companion quest, allowing you to see his tale through to the end.


Wyll is a Human Warlock, and he’s on the hunt for a devil named Karlach. As a warlock, Wyll can exploit the pact with his patron to summon magical weapons, pets, or manipulate his enemies.


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Recruiting Wyll

Wyll can first be encountered when you reach the Druids’ Grove. He’ll be part of the defensive force fighting off the goblins, and he can later be found inside, instructing children in the training area. After a short conversation, you can offer him a place in your party.

Side Quests Involving Wyll

There are several quests that tie in with your companion's quest. These are the most important ones:

  • Hunt the Devil
  • Rescue the Grand Duke
  • Save the Refugees
  • Find a way into Wyrm's Rock fortress
  • Save the Gondians
  • Avenge the Drowned

The Blade of Frontiers

Wyll’s initial quest is to hunt and kill Karlach, a devil that has come to Faerun. When you recruit him, a marker will be placed on your map of her suspected area of operation. To reach the highlighted area, head west out of the Druids’ Grove. Cross the stone bridge when you reach it, then head north to the river and jump across, using the rocks in the water as a literal stepping stone. From here, head east into the area marked by this quest; your quarry is in the southeast section of the marked area.

Karlach isn’t immediately hostile, so you can speak to her, and if Wyll’s in your party he’ll exchange some dialogue with her. While you can certainly attack her immediately, you can talk to her to help Wyll realize that he was deceived about Karlach’s nature, allowing you to recruit her. Speak with Wyll afterwards to talk him through his feelings on the matter. While he's relieved to spare an innocent life, he's worried about something to comes, and he warns that he may pay the price for his failure, or unwillingness, to kill Karlach. Start a long Rest to trigger this reckoning. In the night, Wyll’s patron, Mizora, will appear, chastising Wyll for failing to obey. She punishes Wyll by changing him, using magic to give him a large pair of horns. Mizora then departs, reminding Wyll that he’s not free yet.


If Wyll was not in your party when you spared Karlach, you may need to Long Rest to trigger their encounter first. Wyll’s consequences will be revealed during the following Long Rest.


Killing Karlach

If you do kill Karlach, speak to Wyll to confirm that the deed is done. His conviction falters and his celebration is a muted one. After a long rest, Wyll is visited by his patron, who reveals that she was less truthful when sending Wyll to kill Karlach. She also rewards Wyll with an Infernal Robe, a cloth armor that can be very useful with the right Eldritch Invocations. With that, Mizora departs, reminding Wyll that their contract is still in effect. The robe may not be worth killing Karlach, but it's definitely a viable option.

Whether or not Mizora’s visit was to reward or punish Wyll, speak to him afterwards to discuss the latest revelations. This brings the first phase of his quest to an end.

Zariel's Asset

Upon entering the Shadow-cursed Lands, one of your long rests will incur another visit from Mizora. This time, she needs Wyll to rescue a devil from the cult of The Absolute in Moonrise Towers, under threat of a horrid punishment. If you succeed on a perception roll during this conversation, you can attempt to exchange this task for Wyll's freedom. Mizora agrees to amend the pact upon completion of the mission.

You don't need to worry about this quest until you're ready to take on Ketheric Thorm. After your battle with him, he will retreat beneath Moonrise Towers, where you'll need to follow him. Once inside, head east and go north at the first chance. The area is highlighted with a quest marker, so follow it to find the demon. The room ahead is full of mindflayer pods, and you can interact with them to listen to the memories of the beings inside. Zariel's asset is located at the far end of the room, in a pod by themselves.

The asset is none other than Mizora herself. You can choose to free her or destroy her. If you free her, Mizora cites a clause that allows her to keep Wyll for another six months. If Wyll is in your party, you can persuade her to reward him with a new weapon, the Infernal Rapier. This weapon improves his spellcasting and allows him to summon a demonic ally during combat.

If you choose to annihilate Mizora, Wyll is dragged to the hells and transformed into a lemure. This causes him to permanently leave your party, so we don't recommend taking this path.

The Grand Duke

After accepting 'Rescue the Grand Duke' in Waukeen's Rest, you can speak to Wyll about the quest. Wyll will reveal that the Grand Duke Ravengard is his father, adding a personal stake to the quest.


Grand Duke Ravengard was taken to Moonrise Towers, but in all your questing in the area, you won’t come across him until the final battle in the area. Unfortunately, he’ll be taken away to Baldur’s Gate before you can rescue him, but this also means you don’t need to worry about bringing Wyll along for this leg of your journey, or changing Ravengard’s fate somehow.

Wyrm's Crossing

This is the first region of Act 3, and it's technically the first area of Baldur's Gate (the city, not the game). As you approach the northern region of Wyrm's Crossing, you'll hear about Lord Gortash's coronation. Once you reach Wyrm's Rock Fortress, and head upstairs to the ceremony, you'll see the Grand Duke Ravengard as part of the coronation.

Mizora is also in the area, and you can speak to her, where she'll tell you to attend the ceremony, and that she'll have a talk with you after. Speaking to Grand Duke Ravengard is a fruitless endeavor, since he's been infected with an illithid tadpole at Moonrise Towers.

Speaking to Mizora afterwards, on the road north out of Wyrm's Rock, reveals that Ravengard has disappeared after the ceremony. That's all she has to say for now, but she promises to visit your camp the next time you rest to speak further.

Once you rest, Mizora will visit your camp to propose a new deal. She will give you Ravengard's location and protect him from harm, but only if Wyll forges an eternal contract with her. The alternative is that Wyll can break his contract immediately, but his father will likely die without her help. Whatever your choice, Wyll keeps his powers for the time being, to pay the Absolute back for imprisoning Mizora. If Wyll chooses to break the contract, he is resigned to his father's death, but there may still be a chance to save him.

That chance comes in the form of a submarine beneath the Grey Harbour. Follow the side quest “Avenge the Drowned” to discover The Iron Throne, an underwater prison full of Gortash’s enemies. Our guide to saving Ravengard can come in very handy, but afterwards he’ll have another important duty for you.

Waking The Wyrm

After making amends with Wyll, Ravengard entrusts a book to you which describes a dragon that sleeps beneath the city. It promised to help mankind exactly one time, and Ravengard believes this is the time to call for its aid. To start this task, you must return to the Wyrm’s Rock fortress prison, where Counsellor Florrick was unjustly imprisoned. You likely no longer have direct access to the fortress, so you may need to teleport to South Span Checkpoint, and use feather fall to jump down to the cliffs on the south face of the fortress, then enter the prison using the cracked wall on the east side.


Once inside, you’ll need to fight some Flaming Fists in Gortash’s employ, then head to the west end of the prison, where two dragon shaped torches are waiting to be lit.

Hit them with lightning arrows, then interact with them to open the hidden doorway. Proceed until you reach a statue of Balduran, the hero that founded Baldur’s Gate. Speak to it and claim that you are a hero, then enter the room it grants you access to. You’ll find four trials, which you need to accomplish to gain access to Ansur, the dragon.

The Chamber of Insight

This trial features 3 books flying around, each written by a hypothetical advisor. Your task is to discover which of the advisors is providing poor counsel, and attack them. It’s recommended you save, just in case you make the wrong choice, but if you manage to catch two of the books, you can use the process of elimination to make your choice. In our trial, the advisor’s book suggested the kingdom continue to waste resources to completely demolish their beaten foe.

The Chamber of Strategy

This trial presents a chess puzzle which you have a certain number of moves to complete. You have 3 chances, but you should save it before attempting the puzzle. If you’re unfamiliar with how each chess piece moves, selecting one of your pieces highlights the squares that you can move to.

The Chamber of Justice

This trial presents a story in the paintings around the edge of the room. The shade in the center represents a corrupt judge that must be banished so you can pick a suitable punishment for the man in the paintings. In our trial, the red-haired man stole an apple to feed a child, and we succeeded by picking the painting that depicted him serving a ten-day sentence.


The Chamber of Courage

This trial is the most difficult, one character picks up a torch and your party must survive a 3 round assault while keeping your torchbearer alive. The torchbearer is whoever interacts with the statue of Balduran first, so make sure it’s someone with lots of health. Give the torchbearer plenty of healing potions and buffs to help the survive; as soon as the last round is over all the enemies will vanish.

When all four trials are completed, you can head through to the next area. Speak with the statue in the next room to open the double doors, then head deeper into the sanctum.

The Dragon in the Dungeon

In this next chamber you’ll find a large dragon’s skeleton. Move closer to it to start an interaction between you, the dragon and the Emperor. When it’s over, a boss fight will begin. You will be fighting Ansur and a pair of Myrmidons.

The Myrmidons can be pushed into the chasm, so jump on the opportunity if it presents itself. As for Ansur, throw everything you have at him. He’s invulnerable to Poison and Lightning Damage, and resistant to corrosive damage. Keep your party spread out so he doesn’t hit them all with his area of effect attacks. When he flies up into the air, siphoning energy, he’s going to unleash a massive attack, so hide your characters behind the large crystals scattered around the room to protect them from the attack and apply a damage resistance buff to them. Potions of Speed are very useful for your strongest fighters, so they have many more opportunities to attack each turn.

When you kill him, you can loot a legendary greatsword, Balduran’s Giantslayer, from his body. You can also gather a Legendary Helm, the Helm of Balduran, which opens the way for you to exit, but you should fast travel back to camp to speak with Grand Duke Ravengard.

While Wyll is concerned that they can’t count on Ansur’s aid, his father is elated that your party was strong enough to defeat him. He’s confident in your abilities, and he wants to instate Wyll as a Grand Duke of the Council. You can persuade him to take the position, or to continue to act as a champion for the people, or let him choose his path. Whatever he decides, this concludes Wyll's quest.

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