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Wyll can be romanced.


  • 1 Storyline
    • 1.1 Act 1
    • 1.2 Act 2
    • 1.3 Act 3
    • 1.4 Epilogue
  • 2 Romance Mechanics
    • 2.1 Relationship Stages
    • 2.2 Unique Dialogue
      • 2.2.1 Greetings
      • 2.2.2 Party/Camp Interactions
    • 2.3 Romancing Other Characters

Storyline[edit | edit source]

Act 1[edit | edit source]

Wyll's romance can be initiated in Act One during the Tiefling party. The player must have medium approval with him and must have met Mizora regardless of Karlach's fate. Siding with the goblins leads to Wyll leaving as a companion, in turn preventing him from being romanced.

The player can find Wyll by the water during the celebrations, secluded from the festivities and in a state of melancholy. They may talk to him and attempt to cheer him up through various dialogues. Friendly dialogues will eventually lead to romantic implications:

  • Wyll can play a guessing game with the player, which will lead to a confession.
  • The player can can tell Wyll they wished to dance together, in which Wyll will tell the player how he envisioned them doing such.

Both dialogue branches lead to a choice of the player asking for a kiss, which they need to pass a DC 15 Charisma / Persuasion to succeed in which Wyll and the player share a quick kiss. Regardless of the outcome, Wyll will promise that "There will be another time for us".

The player can "dream of Wyll" when going to rest afterwards.

After the party, the player can talk about their romantic moment regardless of the kiss or not; either way, Wyll claims that he has planned something for the player.

For the rest of Act One, there are no further romantic interactions aside from party banter.

Act 2[edit | edit source]

After entering the Shadow-Cursed Lands and triggering Mizora's cutscene, during a long rest, the player will see Wyll practicing a dance. Wyll will take notice of the player (surprised or expected depending on the player's choices) and then ask them for a dance. Wyll dances first before giving the player the floor. The player can either "stay still and shake [their] head" (This option will not end the scene) or attempt a dance (all DC 10):

  1. Dexterity / Acrobatics - Preform a simple cadence.
  2. Strength - Gather your strength and leap into the air.

    The Dance Scene

  3. Charisma / Performance - Twirl about with a flair and abandon.

Succeeding any of those checks will lead to the player dancing well. Failing any of those checks will lead to the player stumbling and failing to dance. In both cases, Wyll is amused and invites the player for a more "intimate" dance. Wyll and the player dance romantically until their faces are close. The player then can lean for a kiss, or let Wyll kiss them.

Asking Wyll to spend the night or kissing him for the second time makes him tell the player that he desires a romantic, fairy tale relationship, and he wishes to take it slow instead.

After this scene, Wyll and the player are partnered.

For the rest of Act Two, there are no further romantic interactions aside from party banter.

Act 3[edit | edit source]

In Act Three, the player must finish Wyll's companion quest in terms of Ulder Ravengard's fate in order to advance the relationship.

Wyll's Romance - Baldur's Gate 3 Wiki (12) Spoiler warning! This section reveals spoilers for major quests

If Duke Ravengard is killed under any circ*mstances, either at Enver Gortash's coronation or the Iron Throne regardless of Mizora's pact outcome, Wyll will initiate a breakup with the player during a cutscene at camp, stating that he will hurt the player in his state of sadness, and ask for one last dance before ending the relationship.

If the above circ*mstances were avoided, the player can initiate the romance cutscene by talking to Wyll after taking a long rest. (The scene is not an automated cutscene, the player will see an exclamation mark on Wyll's head and must talk to him)

Wyll talks about the player about the notion of time, and then will take them to a spot from his childhood on the banks of the Chionthar. Wyll proceeds to get on his knee and ask for the player's hand in marriage with The Wilden Oak's acorn. The player can accept the proposal which leads to Wyll and the player making love as the scene fades to black. If the player wishes to not commit yet maintain the relationship, they must pass a DC 20 Charisma / Persuasion to do so.

If the player accepts the proposal but declines to have sex, Wyll says he understands and instead cuddles with the player by the Wilden Oak.

In Circus of the Last Days, the player can take the love test by Zethino with Wyll, Wyll's response is positive if the player answers two or more questions right.

'Listen. Think. What, on his darkest day, would make him smile?'

  1. Memories of our first night getting to know each other. ★
  2. A flagon of ale. ★
  3. Public adoration.
  4. The day he made his pact.

'We cannot live this life without others - others to guide us. To aspire to. Who does the Blade most admire?'

  1. Himself.
  2. Mizora.
  3. His father, Ulder Ravengard. ★
  4. Balduran, the great hero of Baldur's Gate. ★

'Life is a difficult and tumultuous thing. with every smile, a tear often follows. What is Wyll's greatest regret?'

  1. Killing Karlach. (Only if Karlach is dead) ★
  2. Making a pact with Mizora.
  3. Losing his father. (Only if Ravengard is dead) ★
  4. Leaving behind his father - and his city. ★
  5. Joining up with me.

Epilogue[edit | edit source]

If the Netherbrain is defeated while the player is partnered with Wyll, the player may get one of the following romance prologue scenes depending on the decisions taken with Wyll:

  1. Wyll is Grand Duke - If Wyll became Grand Duke (Regardless of Ravengard's state) he will ask the player to stay his side as a consort and lead Baldur's Gate together, he may later nominate the player as Grand Duke themselves six months after as "Doom of the Dead Three".
    • If the player chose to "start a family" with Wyll, in the epilogue Wyll and the player would have adopted a daughter whom Wyll named "Lily Aurora Ravengard".
  2. Wyll is Blade of Frontiers/Avernus with Player - If Wyll becomes the Blade of Frontiers or Avernus, he will ask the player to accompany him on his quest to slay demons/protect the coast, with the first target being Mizora. Should the player accept, they will go to hunt beasts together. The route plays the same way if Wyll and the player accompany Karlach to Avernus.
  3. Wyll is Blade of Frontiers/Avernus without Player - IIf Wyll becomes the Blade of Frontiers or Avernus, he will ask the player to accompany him on his quest to slay demons/protect the coast. Should the player refuse without ending the relationship, Wyll will go alone, but will maintain a long distance relationship.
    • This route is similar to Wyll going with Karlach to Avernus without the player with the exception of an extra kiss animation.
    • This route is similar to failing the DC 15 Charisma / Persuasion when dissuading Wyll from going after Mizora.
  4. Player is Illithid - Regardless of Wyll's state, Wyll will stay with an Illithid player; however, he laments that he cannot pursue the romance he had in mind, and suggests the player to stay in the Undercity while he brings sustenance and visits as company. Should the player accept to live in the shadows, the relationship with Wyll stays after six months, with Wyll making arrangements with an assassin to bring the player more food.

Romance Mechanics[edit | edit source]

This section contains information regarding the unique in-game mechanics and interactions for Wyll's romance.

Relationship Stages[edit | edit source]

Like the other major romance options in the game, Wyll's relationship progression can be divided into specific stages: friendly, flirting, partnered, and ex-partnered:

  1. Friendly: The friendly stage begins at medium approval, and is the default stage for non-romanced companions.
  2. Flirting: Once the player begins selecting romantic dialogue options toward Wyll during Act One, you will enter the flirting stage. Due to Wyll's lack of romantic-exclusive dialogues or scenes aside from the party scene, the player is unable to "break up" with Wyll at this stage.
  3. Partnered: In Act Two with high enough approval, and if the player is not in the partnered stage with any other companion, you will be able to partner with Wyll when his major romance progression scene is triggered.
  4. Ex-Partnered: The ex-partnered stage can be attained by breaking up with Wyll at any point while in the partnered stage (or if he breaks up with you). This stage is almost identical to the friendly stage.

Unique Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Greetings[edit | edit source]

Players who romance Wyll have one unique greeting that is unlocked after Act Three's romance scene:

  • "I'm here for you. Always."

Party/Camp Interactions[edit | edit source]

While in the partnered stage (following his love scene in Act Two), Wyll will have the following unique dialogue options that are always available when interacting with him both in camp and while he's in the player's party, which can be instigated by selecting "I wanted to speak about us for a moment.":

  1. The player can ask for a kiss, and Wyll will happily oblige. ("May I kiss you?")
  2. The player can ask about the relationship status. ("What am I to you?")
    • The answer differs depending on the player's romance progression with Wyll.
  3. The player can break up with Wyll. ("No more kisses, no more dances. I want to be allies, nothing more.")
    • The player has a chance to back out of breaking up with Wyll if this option is chosen.

If the player breaks up with Wyll, or if Wyll breaks up with the player, these options will no longer be accessible.

Romancing Other Characters[edit | edit source]

Wyll's Romance - Baldur's Gate 3 Wiki (13)

This section contains sensitive content, including mentions of or allusions to explicit sexual acts.

This section contains information regarding how the player's relationship with Wyll impacts other romance options/scenes and vice versa.

The player can be in the flirting stage with other companions while in the flirting stage with Wyll (typically encompasses all Act One romance scenes and minor flirting scenes during Act Two prior to the companion's major romance progression partnering scene) Wyll considers the player to be in a relationship (partnered) with him after his romance scene in Act Two. If you are in the flirting stage with other companions when you trigger Wyll's's romance scene, they will ask you about it afterward and make you choose between them and Wyll. Likewise, if you partner with another companion while in the flirting stage with Wyll, he will make you choose. Wyll will either express his desire to peruse a relationship with the player had been it been a possibility, or congratulate the player on their other-chosen relationship.

Wyll is strictly monogamous and wishes for an "old romance as sung by the bards", and will reject any attempts to open the relationship.

  • Romancing Halsin - In Act Three, with high enough approval, Halsin may approach the player and express interest, offering to share you with Wyll but only if Wyll approves. The player will have the option to decline his advances, approach Wyll with this proposition, or simply break things off with Wyll for Halsin instead. If the player asks Wyll to bring Halsin into the relationship, Wyll will politely decline, stating that he would prefer if the relationship remained monogamous, should the player choose Halsin, the relationship with Wyll will end.
  • Romancing Sorn Orlith/Nym Orlith - When approached in Sharess' Caress in Act One while the player is in a relationship with Wyll, the twins Sorn and Nym will offer the player the option to be with both of them at once, but only if both the player and Wyll participate. Wyll will similarly decline and can't be persuaded, sleeping with either of the twins alone does not have any impact on the player's relationship with Wyll.
  • Romancing Mizora - When triggered in Act Three, Mizora will acknowledge your relationship with Wyll but will still instigate sex with the player. If you accept her advances, the love scene will trigger as normal; however, the following morning, Wyll will walk in and express anguish at the player sleeping with his tormentor, the player's dialogue options do not matter, as Wyll will end the relationship regardless.
  • Romancing the Emperor - The player's relationship with Wyll does not affect this option triggering, nor does going through with it have any implications on your romance with Wyll afterward. He will not mention it ever, even if he is one of the three party members who walk in the next morning.
  • Romancing Haarlep - The player's relationship with Wyll does not affect this option triggering, nor does going through with it have any implications on your romance with Wyll afterward. If Wyll is in the party and within earshot during the interaction, he will disapprove of you taking your clothes off when asked by Haarlep and vowing your body to him, but it will not end the relationship or impact it in any way moving forward.
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