EHZ Alumni Directory

The easiest way to search for contact information on brothers of EHZ is to utilize RPI’s Office of Alumni Relations website.  Their site will allow you to login and search for brothers and send e-mail to them directly from their system.     

How to search brothers of EHZ:
1. Go to*
2. Click “create your account” at the top of the page.
3. Follow the step by step directions.
4. You will need an alumni ID number – the number can be found on the mailing label of a recent issue of the Rensselaer Magazine or you can contact the alumni office at
5.  Once you have logged in to the site, click on Alumni Directory on the left and you can search for EHZ alumni.

* Note – If you already have an account created, you can simply login and click on Alumni Directory.

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  1. Bill Ryan says:

    Brothers, I am the High Pi at UC San Diego. A friend of mine has recently lost his father and believes he may have been a Lambda Chi Brother initiated at your chapter in 1952, 53, or 54. He has located letters that indicate he was extended a bid, but not clear if he was ever actually initiated. Can you please search your records to see if Edgar T. Roesch was initiated?

    Please contact me at

    In ZAX
    Bill Ryan, Sigma Phi One

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