75th Anniversary Celebration Weekend

Epsilon-Eta Celebrates 75 Years

After more than a year of planning, preparation, and excitement, brothers from Epsilon-Eta Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha gathered in Troy to celebrate 75 Years of our great chapter. The weekend was truly amazing, returning alumni who have not been in touch in many years, connecting with brothers from their era as well as with the active brothers. It was a special weekend and one that will be remembered by those that attended for a long time to come.The weekend started on Friday, October 5th as brothers from all different eras, including, alumni, active brothers and a new associate member gathered at the Hilton Garden Inn for a luncheon lead by Brother Bill Gardiner, EH 333. The lunch was a chance to once again showcase the dedicated Fireside Lounge in the Hilton Garden Inn, as a remembrance of 243 Hoosick Street. Brothers were able to tell stories, reminisce and reconnect with those they had not seen in some time. “The lunch at the Hilton was great, and the plaque looked even better than when we installed it in May 2011!” said Bill Gardiner. The program included introductions of chapter leadership and guests, reflections from a variety of eras of alumni, and an update about the festivities of the 75th Anniversary Celebration Weekend.

[singlepic id=247 w=320 h=240 float=right]That evening the active brothers of Epsilon-Eta hosted a Welcome Reception at the Chapter House, organized by Brother JP Trasatti, EH 1225. The reception included a casual environment, with displays of memorabilia from the House Archives. The night incorporated welcome remarks from the High Alpha, Craig Hoffstein, EH 1243. “The welcome reception was outstanding, it was a great mix of alumni and a special time for all of the active brothers and certainly our new associate members to see what fraternity is all about, the personal relationships that last a lifetime.” During Craig’s remarks, he said “I would like to welcome back all of the alumni of Epsilon-Eta for a very exciting weekend, we are thrilled that you are joining us for this very special occasion. We look forward to hearing the great stories and learning more about our history from our alumni brothers.” The alumni did exactly that.

Saturday’s celebration was even more special, kicking off the day with a Ritual Enactment led by the current High Phi, Sean McKibben, EH 1255. Following the enactment, alumni were welcomed to a Housing Corporation Annual Meeting which included an update on the business of the past year for the Housing Corporation and yearly elections. This year, the positions included President, Treasurer, and Member-at-Large. The election results concluded the reelection of all incumbents. The yearly update also included information on the Future House Initiative, current house improvements and the financial status of the Chapter. Later that afternoon, alumni took on the actives in a traditional Alumni vs. Actives Hockey game. We’ll call it a tie…

[singlepic id=252 w=320 h=240 float=left]Saturday evening was the culmination of an already outstanding weekend of reconnection and nostalgia. Hosted at the Hilton Garden Inn, (the location of the old chapter house of 243 Hoosick Street), the evening started with a reception. Over 180 alumni, actives and guests attended the celebration, including one of our oldest living alumni brothers, Mr. Sherwood Davies, EH 33. Our Chapter was also honored and fortunate enough to have Bill Farkas, AA 1118, the Executive Vice President for Lambda Chi Alpha International, present and speak during the evening program.

Following the reception, an amazing evening program was kicked off by Brother Geoff Seber, EH 1250 and included some very special moments, including a standing ovation for 75 Years of Epsilon-Eta, recognition of Brother Sherwood Davies, EH 33, a toast by Brother Mike Morganti, EH 781, and remarks by Brother Bill Farkas. However, one of the most special moments of the evening was when Brother Frank Parisi, EH 462, presented the chapter a very significant monetary gift from ten brothers of the Class of 1962, a generous $10,000 to the Future House fund. “It was important as the 50th reunion class, and on such a special milestone in our chapter’s history that we get together to really support our future.” Said Brother Parisi, “We are honored to be able to present this check to the Chapter tonight, and it took ten outstanding brothers from our class to step forward and give this gift.” (See Class of 1962 Gift Story)

Following this special presentation, Brother Farkas offered remarks, which included an update on Lambda Chi Alpha’s strategic plan, including the TRUE Brother implementation, alumni identification and training, healthy co-curricular chapter environments and growth within all Chapters.

[singlepic id=235 w=320 h=240 float=right]At the end of the evening and after spending time at the dinner tables reflecting on our history and the great memories, three brothers were honored to be our keynote speakers. The speakers included, Brother Walter Gibbs, EH 819, our chapter’s historian and author of the history of Epsilon-Eta located on the EHZ website; Brother Robert St. Thomas, EH 659, Order of Merit recipient; and finally Brother David Krashes, EH 180, an active brother from the Class of 1949, who has been a contributor and story teller of our chapter for many years. All of the brothers who offered remarks were able to piece together the extraordinary history of our chapter.”

Walt’s remarks included a timeline of our chapter, from the very beginning as the Chapter started in 1937, with many references to our founder and Epsilon-Eta’s greatest brother, Jay Hawthorne, EH 1. He continued through the brothers of the 50’s and 60’s, recognizing brothers along the way who made truly major impact on our history. Reference was made by Walt of our second speaker, Bob St. Thomas, and the 7 brothers who “answered the call in 1972 to reestablish a new Epsilon-Eta.” These brothers were most responsible for restarting our chapter’s history, but most importantly, increasing the number of brothers so we were able to survive. Walt talked about the eventual purchase of our second house at 137 Hoosick Street, a location that he says was “something less than a palace….I was convinced that it was only the bulk of the mice that inhabited the walls that kept the place vertical.” Walt went on to say by the mid 80’s “we were contracting and moving towards a brotherhood in the low 20s”, where he credits Brother Scott “Satchmo” Sandler, (EH 824), class of 1989, who stepped forward to “pick up the reigns and harnesses the enthusiasm of the brothers to initiate 18 new members, completely unprecedented, it was awesome!” It was in the 90’s, that Walt credits Brother Jamie Burts, EH 910 for changing the culture of our chapter. “This is the chapter that another exceptional brother came into. Jamie Burts, class of 1996 was part of this revival.” Through Jamie’s leadership, times changed and our brotherhood became stronger and we never looked back. The new chapter house at what was 1 Sunset Terrace (now 200 Sunset Terrace), opened in May of 1995, and the history continues.
[singlepic id=251 w=320 h=240 float=left]Bob St. Thomas also offered remarks, which included how the chapter was restarted in 1972. It was under his leadership and that of the 7 brothers that really bonded together to build a new chapter. “Under the vision of our National organization and the fabulous heart and determination of the 7 new Brothers pledged in 1972, we are back here to tonight to celebrate 75 years of Epsilon Eta Fraternity life, instead of an anniversary of a 40 year old tombstone on a hotel wall.”, said Bob. 1972 was the start of something special when you look back in the history, these seven individuals saved Epsilon-Eta, and for what reason? As Bob explains “There were no benefits, no house, no social status—nothing but hard work ahead in an uphill battle to reestablish Epsilon Eta. But the new brotherhood was different, they stood out (8 days in line for hockey tickets—really?!?), and most importantly, they were noticed by their campus peers, our devoted alumni and the National– and slowly clawed their way out of the hole that my class had dug for them.” The brothers at that time worked hard to recruit, to bring in great brothers. It was the start of something truly special.”

Finally, Brother David Krashes, provided some great stories of our chapter’s history, once again showing the creativity of our brotherhood, even during the early years. “We used to have parties where we would sit around singing songs and coming up with new songs for our brotherhood. We also created floats for the GM Week parade, in less than one night.” said Brother Krashes. It was special to see an active brother from the beginning era of Epsilon-Eta recall these stories like they were yesterday. David told all of these stories, alongside was his longtime wife Barbara, who smiled as he stood on stage, nodding her head confirming the truth behind what Brother Krashes was telling all of the brothers. Brother Krashes concluded his speech with some historical songs that the brothers used to sing, including the LXA Anthem.

The LXA Anthem

We’re all good fellows
Each one the other’s friend.
And we’ll be good fellows
Until this world shall end.
So while we’re together
Let’s give a rousing cheer
For Lambda Chi Alpha
The bond we hold so dear!

[singlepic id=234 w=320 h=240 float=left]The very special evening also welcomed remarks by the High Pi, Roger Grice, ThU 426, congratulating the brothers on the great history and this special day in our history. Finally, Brother Geoff Seber ended the program asking each decade, one at a time, to stand to be recognized for their contributions to our 75 years of history. Starting with the 40’s through the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s to the current High Zeta, active brothers and associate members, all brothers united together as they stood and cheered for their particular decade. At the end all of the spouses, family members, partners, girlfriends, and guests were asked to also stand in recognition of their support for the fraternity. A great culmination to an already fantastic evening!It is safe to say the weekend was all around spectacular with recollection of so many old memories and at the same time new ones created. It was a great mix of alumni from all of our eras of Epsilon-Eta, and a time in our current history that we will always remember.A special thank you to all of the brothers that helped to organize such a special weekend, including the 75th Anniversary Committee: Oliver Schultz (High Rho), JP Trasatti, Tom Holland, Marc Nudel, Chris Volk, Tom Thayer, Brian Orecchio, Brian Lewis, Craig Hoffstein, James Ohnoki, Alex Benjamin, Michael Skrzypiec, Chris Thomas, and Walid Bendris. Also, to Frank Parisi and brothers from the Class of 1962 for the very generous gift to the Future House. (Jay Morley, Jim Richmond, Gary Walker, Mike Greene, Henry Light, Dollard Carey, Don Robertson, Fritz Bauer, Warren Schoenfish.) To Bill Gardiner, for his hard work on the alumni lunch and his true connection to the 243 Hoosick Street brotherhood. Walt Gibbs, Bob St. Thomas, David Krashes, Roger Grice, Bob Jones, Joe Cambareri, EH 1121, Craig Hoffstein, for all providing remarks at the anniversary dinner. To the Housing Corporation Board for their continued support on all alumni activities. To the active brothers and associate members who worked to prepare and volunteer for the weekend. To all of the brothers, including their spouses, partners, friends and families whom returned to campus to be a part of the celebration.
Photo Credit – Walt Gibbs, EH 819 and Kris Qua Photography

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Schedule of Events—October 5 – 7, 2012 (RPI’s Reunion & Homecoming Weekend)

Friday October 5, 2012

Noon—1:30 p.m. – Alumni Luncheon at the Hilton Garden Inn, Fireside Lounge
All brothers and their guests are invited to join brothers from the Class of 1957 for a luncheon at the Hilton Garden Inn in Troy. This is an opportunity for LXA alumni to see the plaque in the HGI, which is dedicated to the former LXA house at 243 Hoosick Street, now the site of the Hilton Garden Inn.  The cost for this lunch is $25 – register online.

6 p.m.—RAA Greek ChowderFest
The active brothers will enter the chowder making competition against many of the Greek fraternities and sororities.  If you have an opportunity, stop by and taste test and vote for our chowder!  

7:30 p.m.—Welcome Reception at the Chapter House
Join us at the house for a reception and kickoff to the weekend.  Be sure to bring along any memorabilia, pictures, and your great stories.  We want to give all brother a chance to share their memories!   

Saturday October 6, 2012
9 a.m.—11 a.m.—Ritual Exemplification – Alumni will be able to participate in ritual
Join us at the Chapter House as alumni brothers participate in a Ritual Exemplification.  Many alumni have not seen the ritual in many years, we hope many of you are able to join us to relive one of the greatest aspects of our brotherhood.

11 a.m.—2 p.m.—Lunch on Your Own – RPI’s FanFest
Head down to FanFest along the ECAV Terrace – Only a 2 minute walk from the house.  FanFest is a part of RPI’s Reunion & Homecoming Weekend and is free for all alumni and guests.

2 p.m.—3 p.m.—Housing Corporation Board Meeting and Election

Join the Housing Corporation as we report on the year’s activities of the actives and of the house.  We will also give an update on the Future House, with a report from the Future House Committee.  This is a great chance to share your ideas and concerns for the next edition of the Lambda Chi Alpha House at 200 Sunset Terrace.

3:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.  - Actives vs. Alumni Hockey Game

Be sure to bring back your old hockey skates and gear and suit up for a game of hockey.  All brothers are encouraged to play and/or attend the game.  Location – Knickerbacker Arena – Troy, NY

5 p.m.—11 p.m.—75th Anniversary Dinner Celebration – See Below for Dinner Schedule
Let the celebration begin.  The big event of the weekend, the celebration of our 75th Anniversary.  Join us for dinner at the Hilton Garden Inn, Troy.  Below is a full schedule of the evening.  The total cost for this event is $70, but includes all of the weekend’s activities.

Dinner Celebration Schedule – Hilton Garden Inn, Troy, NY

5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. Reception: 50‘s 60‘s Alumni – Fireside Lounge (Location of the plaque dedicating 243 Hoosick St. House)
5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. Reception – All other brothers – Ballroom Foyer
6:10 p.m. Welcome Address – Ferris Ballroom
6:20 p.m. Dinner – Ferris Ballroom
7:15 p.m. 75th Anniversary Celebration Program – Ferrris Ballroom
Remarks by 75th Anniversary Committee, Alumni, Notable Alumni Program and more.

Who Attended the 75th Anniversary Celebration Weekend

The following is a list of EHZ brothers that were on campus as a part of RPI’s Reunion & Homecoming Weekend and those that participated in the 75th Anniversary Celebration Weekend.  Not listed: actives, spouses, partners, and other guests.  We appreciate all of those who were a part of the weekend!  Over 180 actives, alumni, spouses, partners, friends and guests attended the 75th Anniversary Celebration Dinner.

Paul Babasick, EH 719
Alfred Bauer, EH 449
Joseph Cambareri, EH 1121
Nicholas Chivattoni, EH 1166
Ryan Clapp, EH 1158
James Cossavella, EH 1215
John Cooney, EH 692
Joseph Cotroneo, EH 711
Robert Darnall, EH 553
Sherwood Davies, EH 33
Aymen Deliou, EH 1181
George Derrick, EH 555
Adam DeVito, EH 1240
Joseph DiStefano, EH 453
Michael Doyle, EH 1095
David Drew, EH 1172
Michael Dresner, EH 859
Matthew Dykhouse, EH 1229
Daniel Emaelaf, EH 1015
John Faricelli, EH 712
Bill Farkas, AA 1118
Barry Fox, EH 740
Charles Galligan, EH 171
Bill Gardiner, EH 333
Walter Gibbs, EH 819
Roger Grice, Thu 426
Douglas Hancher, EH 739
Jeff Hersh, EH 730
Robert Jones, EH 330
John Kirby, EH 1220
Alfred Krause, EH 237
Thomas Kujala, EH 1186
David Linehan, EH 1188
Christopher LaMora, EH 1067
Brian Lewis, EH 1208
Henry Light, EH 470
Anthony Loven, EH 1191
Raymond Lutzky, EH 1022
Robert Lydon, EH 793
Cesar Madrigal, EH 1192
Timothy Mansfield, EH 1149
Nicholas Martin, EH 1232
Daniel Meteyer, EH 1193
Anthony Morganti, EH 781
James Morley, EH 460
Marc Nudel, EH 1209
Brian Orecchio, EH 1221
Frank Parisi, EH 462
Bruce Peachey, EH 726
Donald Pendagast, EH 1104
Thomas Perlman, EH 1210
Bay Phillips, EH 1196
Thomas Piccioli, EH 1197
Ronald Piekunka, EH 372
Trevor Powers, EH 1074
Edward Prescott, EH 351
Stephen Provost, EH 1226
Peter Reale, EH 729
Thomas Reale, EH 1053
Nicholas Richardson, EH 1133
James Richmond, EH 464
Richardson Rielly, EH 1199
Peter Rudak, EH 767
Joseph Salo, EH 771
Johnson Samuel, Chi 1890
Scott Sandler, EH 824
Garrett Scheffler, EH 1212
Dean Schofield, EH 501
Michael Skrzypiec, EH 1228
Josh Slocum, EH 1274
James Spagnoli, EH 832
Anthony Squillante, EH 1134
Robert St. Thomas, EH 659
Bill Stanley, EH 502
Al Stearns, EH 326
JP Trasatti, EH 1225
Greg Tudryn, EH 1110
James Turk, EH 1170
Garrett Walker, EH 505
Robert Wechsler, EH 687
Dick Young,  EH 362

75th Anniversary Celebration Video

Check out the 75th Anniversary Celebration video below created by brothers Thomas Thayer, EH 1275, and Michael Skrzypiec, EH 1228!

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    Hi Bob – We don’t have the registration for the weekend up yet, but we will probably sometime in August. Registration will be through RPI’s Reunion & Homecoming website. If you haven’t done so already, be sure to make your hotel reservation at the Hilton Garden Inn or Holiday Inn Express in Latham as there are only a few rooms left under those blocks. You can visit the 75th site for more information about hotels – http://ehzlxa.com/75years-2/celebration-weekend/

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